Fin Fitness

This course we can run as a series or as a regular class with drop-in options. One hour course that would cover basic stroke technique to get them swimming and each session will typically be a warm-up to get them reaquainted with the strokes and ability for me to help adjust before we dive in, fin swimming laps to get heart rate up, and then two circuit style workouts. Typically each circuit would be have 3 exercises with 10 reps each and each circuit would be done 3 times. I build in barrel rolls and swim through hoops between each station which not only adds an element of whimsy, but helps them see how the different workouts end up teaching them mermaiding skills.

This course while initially planned for folks who had basic mermaiding skills, through what we have learned in offering it so far is that many adults will come without prior mermaiding experience and as such as build in technique learning from day one. Doing it this way, allows for continued variation as well as newer mermaids to join in as their schedule allows.

$35 drop in, $25 if they book 8 sessions

(includes tail rental, 5 min/10 max per instructor)

Mermaiding 101

This is as 8x 1hr session course and can be held for adults or children. At the completion of this course they will get a silicone wristband showing they are mermaid certified so they can come swim in a tail at that facility. The primary motivator behind this was why I created MetroMerfolk in the first place. I wanted to teach others how to safely and effectively swim in a tail and understand the various aspects of mermaiding. In this course, we will cover monofins, tail skins, creating your mersona (mermaid persona), emergency tail & fin removal, different mermaiding strokes, body/spacial awareness (how to be aware of your surroundings and not hit someone with your tail), a few simple tricks, and will culminate in an underwater obstacle course that we can record and have the option of an edited copy for them to keep as a memory or to share social media.

$200 for 8x 1hr sessions

(includes tail rental, if solo video edit requested that would be an additional cost) (5min/12max per instructor, prereq red cross level 4 or proficiency. We will perform a swim test at the first session to ensure all students are capable of requirements)

Advanced Mermaiding

This is geared towards the mermaid who has basic skills and wants to polish their underwater swimming technique. We will go over how to use be powerful yet look graceful, arm placement, body positioning, facial expression, coordinating movements with other mermaids. This class is best suited as a one off for specific skill. These will be coming soon as we need to build the community of trained mermaids first.

$55/session 1.5hr session

(tail rental $20 extra, prereq of mermading 101 or proficiency, 5 min/ 10 max, best suited for a once a month or a one off offering as its a specialized niche class)


In this course we can will include everything done in the 101 course (Intro to mermaiding, tails, monofins, mersona, & end of week performance with video), but we will also dive further into their mersona, what type of water they would live in, & each day go over a mermaid habitat (arctic ocean, rivers, Caribbean ocean, Atlantic/Pacific ocean etc) and talk about what other creatures they would live with if they lived in that area, and tie in some watershed & ocean conservation (reduce plastic, recycle, etc). We have found kids are really into that once they have a more personal connection to the ocean (their mersona & merfriends). We can do team building activities, hula hooping to help burn off excess energy, & of course crafts like creating a mermaid crown or bracers so they have that memory.

9-4 M-F – $375

(tail rental included, 5min/10max per instructor, prereq red cross level 4 or proficiency. We will perform a swim test at the first session to ensure all students are capable of requirements))

* if enough interest we can look at also offering a half day course with similar criteria, or a half day course for the littles who are not strong enough swimmers for a tail, but love mermaids.

Private Sessions

Content will vary based on skills & needs of the individual.

$60 for 30 min

$110 for 1hr


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